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"Erro:STP.InBPDU.Drop: STP Port is disabled!" -What does this mean?

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Title"Erro:STP.InBPDU.Drop: STP Port is disabled!" -What does this mean?
<Erro:STP.InBPDU.Drop> Port=<port no>: STP Port is disabled!

This error message is seen continuously on the local port.
  • All EXOS
  • All Summit
  • All BD

Generally, this error message is seen when a STP BPDU is received on a local port that has STP disabled. By inference, this means that the connected remote port is sending STP BPDUs to the "STP Disabled" port.

However, this error message persists even when STP is disabled on the remote port as well, if the following conditions are met -
  1. MSTP is used.
  2. MSTI and CIST are currently disabled on both the remote port and local port
  3. If MSTI was enabled at some point in time on the remote port and then disabled (This could even mean that the port was added to MSTI with auto-bind enabled)
Port timer doesn't seem to stop after disabling the MSTI on the STP port causing the remote port to continue sending the STP BPDUs.
This is a bug and can be tracked via CR xos0067824.

There is a workaround for this. We have two options to stop this error message -
  1. Rebooting the switch that is sending the STP BDPUs. In this case, the switch with the remote port.
  2. Disabling and enabling both MSTI and CIST on the specific port on the switch that is sending the STP BPDUs.
Additional notes
Interestingly, the error does not occur when specifically enabling and then disabling CIST on the remote port. The issue seems to be specific to MSTI.



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