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Error When Attempting To Install A New Image On A Summit Stack

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TitleError When Attempting To Install A New Image On A Summit Stack
Slot-1# download image summitX- vr "VR-Default" primary 
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, <cr> - cancel) Yes 
Error: active partitions must be the same across the stack
  • SummitStack
  • EXOS version 12.5.4
One of the slots in the stack is on a different partition than the other slots.
Identify Which Slot Is Running On A Different Partition
  • Use the command: <show switch> to determine which slot is on a different partition Primary/Secondary than the other slots.
Slot:             Slot-4 *                     Slot-1
                  ------------------------     ------------------------
Current State:    STANDBY                      MASTER
Image Selected:   primary                      secondary
Image Booted:     primary                      secondary
Primary ver:           
Secondary ver:           
Config Selected:  primary.cfg
Config Booted:    Factory Default
  • Use the command: <telnet slot <SLOT_NUMBER>> to enter the CLI of different slots in the stack.

Resolve The Mismatch Using The Below Commands
  • use image <PARTITION> slot <SLOT_NUMBER>
  • reboot slot <SLOT_NUMBER>
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