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Kern info events regarding IPv4 Unicast packets

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TitleKern info events regarding IPv4 Unicast packets
Following error log is reported in show logs output:
<Info:Kern.Info> : EXIPSAMP /data2/release-manager/v15_3_4_6-patch1-5/summit_rmi/code/kernel_modules/pib/bcmpkt/src/exip_sample.c 262: not unicast route VR ID 2 IP 0xac106aff
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This log message by default will not be reported in the logs unless events are added to the default log filter.

This log message indicates that that IPv4 Unicast packets are coming in a front panel port to the CPU for slowpath IP forwarding, however switch will not have an entry for the destination for example when we convert the hexadecimal to decimal (0xac106aff  since the destination IP is a broadcast address of the subnet hence this log message gets reported.

Log doesn't have an impact. For the log not to appear, we could either block the packets with having destination IP as broadcast or network address. Otherwise, get the TCP Dump to understand from which source the traffic is been originated and restrict that device from sending traffic to broadcast or network address.
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