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Error when enabling SSH on SummitStack

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TitleError when enabling SSH on SummitStack
When enabling SSH, the following error is seen:
Slot-1 Stack.8 # enable ssh
WARNING: Generating new server host key
This could take approximately 15 minutes and cannot be canceled. Continue? (y/N) Yes
...................................Key Generated
Error: exsshd Configuration module is not available.
Configuration failed on backup Node, command execution aborted!

Switches in the stack are not booted to the same partition:
Slot-1 Stack.8 # show switch         
SysName:          Stack
SysContact:, +1 888 257 3000
System MAC:       
System Type:      X670G2-48x-4q (Stack)

SysHealth check:  Enabled (Normal)
Recovery Mode:    All
System Watchdog:  Enabled

Current Time:     Mon Sep 12 23:11:14 2016
Timezone:         [Auto DST Disabled] GMT Offset: 0 minutes, name is UTC.
Boot Time:        Mon Sep 12 21:07:57 2016
Boot Count:       19
Next Reboot:      None scheduled
System UpTime:    2 hours 3 minutes 16 seconds 

Slot:             Slot-1 *                     Slot-2                  
                  ------------------------     ------------------------
Current State:    MASTER                       BACKUP (In Sync)        

Image Selected:   primary                      secondary               
Image Booted:     primary                      secondary               
Primary ver:                          
Secondary ver:                           

Config Selected:  primary.cfg                                          
Config Booted:    primary.cfg                                          

primary.cfg       Created by ExtremeXOS version
                  646755 bytes saved on Mon Sep 12 22:50:35 2016
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  • SummitStack
The switches in the stack are not running on the same partition. This causes issues when trying to enable SSH on the backup node.
Make sure that all switches in the stack are booted to the same partition.
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