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Extranet licensing problem for EOS-based Licenses

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TitleExtranet licensing problem for EOS-based Licenses
The most often reported issue types include, but are not limited to...
  • emailed license voucher redemption instructions for the extranet are wrong
  • "an error occurred while fulfilling your evaluation license request" in extranet account
  • "an error occurred while fulfilling your entitlement redemption request" in extranet account
  • license is locked due to failed regulatory domain activation in extranet account
  • license host extranet account is unknown
  • license needs to be moved to a different extranet account
  • licenses need to be consolidated into one extranet account
Extreme Networks Licensing, especially for legacy Enterasys products
As of April 10 2017, EOS License redemption/activation and access was migrated from the user's Extranet account to the user's Portal account.
For legacy EOS licensing, please refer to B2/B3/C2/C3/G-Series License Handling since April 10 2017.

For current EOS licensing, please navigate to for Portal login advice.
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