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Extreme Portal Training and Certifications for Partners

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TitleExtreme Portal Training and Certifications for Partners
Partners see a blank white page shown when accessing Training and Certifications link from the Extreme Portal.
Partners cannot see Sales or Pre-Sales content on the Extreme Networks Learning Portal (NetExam) page.
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The blank white page issue is usually caused by set-up issues between the NetExam and Extreme Portal systems.
The Sales and Pre-Sales content issues are usually caused by not being logged in yet.
Blank White Page Issue:
If you face the blank white page issue, please email for assistance getting that issue resolved.

Sales and Pre-Sales Content Issues:
If you cannot see Sales and Pre-Sales content in the Extreme Networks Learning Portal, please log in using the "Client Login" link on the Extreme Networks Learning Portal or the Log In link on the Extreme Portal page. These content items are only visible once you are logged in. Your name will be displayed near the top right corner of the page when you are logged in.

If you are logged in and do not see the needed items under the "Available Courseware" option, then please check to see if you have already taken this specific certification by looking in your transcript. Certifications that have already been achieved are no longer listed in the Available Courseware list. Sales and Pre-Sales are set up such that they can be retaken  six months after certification. If you need to retake a Sales / Pre-Sales course after six months, please follow these steps:
  1. Select the Transcript tab
  2. Select the Sales/Pre-Sales course  you need to retake (which was completed at least six months ago)
  3. Double click on the course 
  4. If the Take Exam or Retake Course buttons do not appear, then most likely six months have not passed yet
    Extreme Networks Learning Portal Take and Retake Course
Please note these steps above only apply to Sales / Pre-Sales items: retaking a technical exam will require purchasing the exam again.

If you face issues with these steps, please contact for assistance.
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