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ExtremeCloud Appliance - 200 Series switches do not support redundancy for management connection.

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TitleExtremeCloud Appliance - 200 Series switches do not support redundancy for management connection.
200 Series switches do not support redundancy for management connection. 
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  • 200 Series
  • Firmware
The switch management connector supports only connection with a single management entity. When deployed in a High-Availability configuration, if the connection with the primary appliance (from which the switch is being managed) fails, this family of switches does not automatically failover to the HA peer. Therefore, until it’s primary appliance returns to service, the switch will not provide metrics to the ExtremeCloud Appliance engines, it will not receive any additional configuration changes, and it will be reported in a ‘Down’ state. This state is transparent to the connected devices. There is no service interruption – just a reporting interruption. The operation of the switch remains unaffected (operating according to its last configuration set) and continues to forward traffic. The situation self-corrects when the primary appliance returns to active service in the HA pair
The 200 series switch software does not support multiple IP addresses configured with the DNS entry extremecontrol.<domain name>. As a consequence of this limitation, in an HA deployment, the 200 series switches will stop sending statistics when the primary ECA is down. The 200 Switch operation continues even if the Appliance is down (pass traffic). Cloud Connector tries to registers but will not affect switch operation. When the primary appliance comes back again then the Switch registers to the same Appliance with no interruption in the operation, statistics, and configuration works. This may be addressed in a future release, please continue to consult the release notes for newer code versions. 
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