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ExtremeWireless: "Apply product key failed: Product key is invalid"

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TitleExtremeWireless: "Apply product key failed: Product key is invalid"
  • Firmware upgrade from one major version to another. (ex. 8.x to 9.x).
  • 7-day grace period about to expire.
  • Wireless appliance prints the error message "Apply product key failed: Product key is invalid" when an evaluation license is used.
License Details
Apply license to the wireless appliance
Apply product key failed: Product key is invalid
  • ExtremeWireless (formerly known as IdentiFi Wireless)
  • EWC
  • WS-C4110
  • All Software Versions 
  • Evaluation License Key
  • The wireless appliance have already been previously installed with a permanent license key.
  •  An evaluation Activation Key may only be added to an unlicensed unit.
  • Functioning as Designed (FAD) 
  • One cannot apply evaluation product key to a wireless controller that have already been licensed. 
  • This symptom will arise if the unit has already been licensed for any firmware version via either an evaluation key or permanent key.
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