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FDB entry not added on slot X. Hardware Table full.

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TitleFDB entry not added on slot X. Hardware Table full.
BD8K experiences flooding
MACs not added to FDB 
Warning messages will be logged:
<Warn:HAL.FDB.L2SlotTblFull> MSM-A: FDB entry not added on slot 4. Hardware Table full. 
Platform: BD8K
Specific hardware: c-series IO Cards
Dual-hashing was not enabled in firmware for BD8K c-series cards therefore this option was not available to configure on those cards and hashing is worse.
There is a new CR created as the fix for CR xos0064579 is not good.
 A new CR, xos0065937, is created which will fix dual hashing.
The fix is available in EXOS and higher.
With this fix dual-hash is disabled by default, to enable dual-hash the following debug command is availabe, a reboot is needed to activate it.
debug hal configure enable dual-hash

To show the current setting:
BD-8K-TSB2.5 # debug hal show dual-hash
Configured: Enabled
Current: Enabled
BD-8K-TSB2.6 #

A workaround when using an EXOS version not containing the fix could be changing the hashing to crc16.
configure forwarding hash-algorithm crc16
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