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FN-416 - X620-16x PSU Failures

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TitleFN-416 - X620-16x PSU Failures
Customer with X620-16x with redundant 300 W PSU may experience repeated PSU failures. The failure causes the system to shut down, and the system cannot be rebooted without manual intervention to unplug or remove the failed power supply.
X620-16x switch with dual (redundant) 300 W AC PSU installed
PNMfg NumberDescription
17401T908749-10X620-16x-FB TAA
17401G908750-10X620-16x-BF TAA
10930A900985-10300W AC PSU XT FB
10943908096-10300W AC PSU BF
10933908011-10300W DC PSU FB
10944908097-10300W DC PSU BF
X620-16x draws less power than other X620 models. Redundant power supplies share the load and the current drawn from a PSU may go below the minimum level. This condition may result in components overheating, and eventually failing.
When a single power supply is installed, the current drawn from the PSU exceeds the minimum level and component failure due to low current overheating is avoided.

Extreme recommends customers operate their X620-16x switches with a single power supply to avoid power supply failures. For X620-16x systems currently operating with two power supplies, unplugging or removing either of the power supplies will mitigate the risk of early power supply failure caused by this issue.
Engineering is diligently investigating several solutions and will release a fix for this issue as soon as possible.  In the meantime, customers are advised to operate their X620-16x switches with a single PSU.

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