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FN414 - Memory Leak in HAL Process in EXOS 16.1.4

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TitleFN414 - Memory Leak in HAL Process in EXOS 16.1.4
Memory leak observed in HAL process while deleting FDB entries or performing MAC moves.

Memory is not properly released when deleting FDB entries or performing MAC moves. This results in memory depletion in the switch.  Depleting switch memory will result in network instability or switch reboot.
All platforms running an unpatched version of EXOS
There are two mechanisms causing the memory leak.
  1. Memory is not being properly released in hardware when deleting FDB entries.
  2. Memory is not being properly released during MAC move event
Update the ExtremeXOS software to v16.1.4-patch 1-3 or later.
NOTE: ExtremeXOS 16.2.x, 21.x and 22.x do not exhibit this behavior.
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