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Failed Slot - License Mismatch

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TitleFailed Slot - License Mismatch
  • Slot in failed state
  • FAIL (License Mismatch)
  • Slot fails with reason "License Mismatch" after installing license key
  • SummitStack
  • Summit
  • EXOS
  • All active stack nodes must be using the same license level to function correctly
  • The new license must be installed on all slots
If the failed slot is not master-capable, first:
  1. Disconnect the failed slot from the stack.
  2. Enable master-capability by typing REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE at the pending-AAA login prompt.
Once master-capability is enabled:
  1. Login to the switch and install the license key.
  2. Type "configure stacking slot <slot number> master-capability off" to disable master-capability and if neccessary connect the slot back to the stack.
  3. Reboot the slot so that it rejoins the stack.

Option if the command: REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE does not work:
  1. Find the failed slot: "show slot" , "show slot [failed slot]"
  2. Break the stack on the MASTER node "unconfigure stacking"
  3. Console into the failed slot and clear any license information: "clear license-info" , "debug epm clear trial-license" , then Reboot
  4. Enable license: "enable license [license key]"
  5. Rebuild the stack on MASTER: "show stacking" , "enable stacking"
Additional notes
  • If creating a stack of switches with different license levels, the slots with higher license levels can also be restricted to allow the stack to operate at a lower license level. The command is configure stacking slot <slot#> license-level <level>.
  • Another option could be to turn off master-capability on the switches in the stack that have the lower license levels.



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