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Failed Slot - Unknown Master

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TitleFailed Slot - Unknown Master
  • Slot in failed state
  • FAIL (No master)
  • Slot fails with reason "Master Unknown" after upgrading the stack
  • SummitStack
  • Summit
  • EXOS
  • When upgrading the stack, the upgrade can fail to install on one of the slots.
  • When the stack is next rebooted, all of the slots that successfully upgraded will begin using the new version of code.
  • For the stack to function correctly all slots must be on the same version of EXOS.
  • The slot that did not upgrade will enter a failed state.
  1. Disconnect the failed slot from the stack.
  2. If the slot is not master-capable, enable master-capability by typing REBOOT AS MASTER-CAPABLE at the pending-AAA login prompt.
  3. Login to the switch and complete the upgrade as normal.
  4. Disable master-capability if necessary and connect the slot back to the stack.
  5. Reboot the slot so that it rejoins the stack.
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