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"Failed to download image - tftp: timeout"

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Title"Failed to download image - tftp: timeout"
Whenever trying to download or upload to or from a TFTP this error message is seen

"Failed to download image - tftp: timeout"

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The timeout log indicates a reachability issue from the Switch to the TFTP server or the PC firewall.
1. Make sure you have the appropriate VR (Virtual router) mentioned to the command executed.
    If you have connected a PC directly to the management port and trying to perform the action then please mentioned vr-mgmt if not vr-default. 2. Make sure you can ping the TFTP IP address from the switch. 
Note:  The ping command defaults to VR-Default so if your using the management port make sure to select VR-mgmt in the ping command.

2. If you're running a TFTP server on a PC try disabling the firewall in the PC.

3.Try using a third party TFTP program like TFTPD32, or TFTPD64.
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