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Failed to download image - tftp: write error in X480

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TitleFailed to download image - tftp: write error in X480

Downloading EXOS summitX- to an X480 switch, results with the following TFTP error

X480-48x.1 # download image summitX-
Note: The inactive partition (secondary) will be used for installation.
Do you want to install image after downloading? (y - yes, n - no, <cr> - cancel) Yes

Downloading to Switch.................................................Error: Failed to download image - tftp: write error


  • EXOS
  • X480

Due to additional functionality and new platforms supported, the ExtremeXOS 15.6 software image became too large to fit in memory on all Summit model switches. To resolve this issue, the Summit X480 series switches now have a separate image that does not include diagnostics.  Please also download and install the diagnostics xmod for the X480 as part of your upgrade process.


Starting from EXOS 15.6 series, the X480 switches have separate xos image. The correct file format for the X480 switches is summitX480-

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