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X440-G2-24p Fans Running Too High

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TitleX440-G2-24p Fans Running Too High
  • When providing PoE to fewer than 6 devices, the fan speed on X440-G2 PoE models rises to over 15,000 RPM.
  • Upon exceeding 6 connected PoE devices, the fan speed begins to fall back to normal levels.  
  • X440-G2-24p
  • X440-G2-48p
  • EXOS 21.1 and higher
Incorrect implementation of the PoE virtual temperature sensor model algorithm.
A permanent fix is being produced for CR xos0075492 and is available in EXOS 30.3.

As a workaround, you can configure the fan speed from the EXOS CLI using:
debug hal configure forceFanPercent <speed percent>

To set the fans back to their default configurations issue:
debug hal configure forceFanPercent 101

The configured fan speed will remain until a reboot, or until it is disabled (101) as this debug command disables the switches ability to control the fan speed.  

Please be aware that setting the fan speed to a ‘reasonable’ value is advised to prevent overheating.  

Setting the fans to a similar speed as observed when there is no PoE load is recommended when you have a low PoE load, but should be increased with higher loads.
Additional notes
Be Aware! 
Debug commands are primarily meant for troubleshooting purposes and are NOT part of any EXOS validation tests (regression).
The usage of any debug command can result in unexpected side-effects (like memory depletion, high CPU, process failures).



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