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Fiber port showing RX CRC errors and occasional flaps

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TitleFiber port showing RX CRC errors and occasional flaps
Port receiving RX CRC errors and occasional flaps:
X870-32c.2 # show ports 117 rxerrors no-refresh
Port Rx Error Monitor                                  Thu Feb  1 11:29:54 2018
Port      Link     Rx      Rx      Rx        Rx      Rx         Rx         Rx   
          State    Crc    Over    Under     Frag    Jabber      Align      Lost 
117       A    37012       0        0      192       46          0          0
          > indicates Port Display Name truncated past 8 characters
          Link State: A-Active, R-Ready, NP-Port Not Present, L-Loopback
          0->Clear Counters  U->page up  D->page down ESC->exit
All platforms with fiber ports.
Possible causes:
  • issues with optic cables or plugs
  • failed transceiver
  • failed port
Check optic signal levels with following command:
show ports <port_numbers> transceiver information detail
If signal levels are below Low Warning/Alarm thresholds then try following:
  • Clean the fiber optic plug and adapter
  • Swap out all cables and optic transceivers to verify that these are not the cause.
  • Test with different ports on each end of the link.
  • If the issue follows one port with known good cables and optics, contact GTAC for further troubleshooting.
If signal levels are above High Warning/Alarm thresholds then try to use optic attenuators to reduce signal level so it will stay within normal operation range.
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