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FlexView not returning results but works in MIB Tools

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TitleFlexView not returning results but works in MIB Tools
  • MIB Tools is able to return results for a queries MIB Object
  • FlexView using the same MIB object does not return results
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • OneView
There is no MAX Access Credential set for the SNMP Profile that is used to model the device.

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There are several ways to correct this.

Correct with SNMP Profile:
1.  Select Tools > Authorization/Device Access.
2.  Select the Profile/Credentials tab.
3.  Highlight the SNMP Profile in question.
4.  Click the Edit button.
5.  Add in a credential for Max Access Credential.
6.  Click Apply button.
7.  Click OK button.

Correct with FlexView properties.
1.  Select the FlexView in question.
2.  Click on the FlexView button and select Properties from the menu.
3.  Make sure that the General tab is selected.
4.  Uncheck the option for Use Max Access/Super User
5.  Click the OK button.

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