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Flexible Client Access, configuration for 10.21.xx and 10.31.xx firmware tracks

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TitleFlexible Client Access, configuration for 10.21.xx and 10.31.xx firmware tracks
  • Clients are unable to connect to the ExtremeWireless Access Points.
  • Access Point radios are not sending out beacons (seen in Wireless packet captures).
  • ExtremeWireless appliances (controllers)
  • IdentiFi appliances (controllers)
  • AP39xx
  • firmware 10.21.xx, 10.31.xx
For the AP39xx platform, Flexible Client Access (Airtime Fairness) reserves airtime in relation to the configured distribution. When configured for “100% airtime”, the WLAN services which have it enabled will share within that allocation, but leave no reservation for non-reserved WLAN services (FCA not enabled), therefore resulting in limited radio access time.

For example:
  • WLAN1 and WLAN2, with both configured for Flexible Client Access enabled (and the default 100% airtime configured):
    • Both WLANs will share the airtime available for any MU (mobility user, or client) connecting to these WLAN services.
  • WLAN1, with Flexible Client Access enabled, and WLAN2, with Flexible Client Access disabled:
    • ​​​WLAN1 will have all (or a very high amount of) airtime for any MU connecting to this Service.
    • WLAN2 will have no airtime (or VERY limited airtime) for any MU connecting to this Service. 
Issue resolved in 10.31.03 or higher. 

Pre 10.31.03 workaround:
10.21.xx and 10.31.xx configurations:
  • For deployments with AP39xx, do not configure the Flexible Client Access policy to ‘100% Airtime’.  If configuring ATF/FCA, select a maximum Fairness policy “Mostly airtime”.  That translates to a 75% airtime reservation, which should never be exceeded, ensuring that the WLAN services configured with FCA/ATF do not starve out non-prioritized services (retaining 25% airtime budget).  
  • In the ExtremeWireless appliance (controller) GUI, please go to:
    • VNS
    • Global
    • Wireless QoS
    • Flexible Client Access
    • Fairness Policy
      • 100% Airtime = 100%     (Do not Use)
      • Mostly Airtime = 75%     (Recommended) 
      • Mixed =  50%
      • Mostly Packet = 25%
      • 100% Packet = 0%
Additional notes
Release Note: wns0017478 - Improved Airtime Fairness algorithm for when only 1 WLAN Service has it enabled.
Please also refer to the following article:
What is flexible client access (FCA) and when and where can it be use effectively?



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