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No Internet- DHCP hosted on AP

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TitleNo Internet- DHCP hosted on AP
A DHCP server is being hosted on an AP, but when clients connect they either do not obtain an IP address or they receive no internet access. This guide provides a check list of what settings to confirm are enabled when clients are experiencing a "no internet" issue after obtaining an IP address, when the DHCP server is hosted on an AP.
  • HiveManager
  • Confirm a DHCP server has been created and has been applied to an Access point

    • Monitor
    • Click on the hostname of the AP
    • Go to DHCP Server and Relay on the left hand side menu (under the Additional Device Settings header)
    • Confirm the server is listed here
      • If enabling NAT within the DHCP server, confirm the following have been configured within the DHCP server object

        • The box next to "Enable NAT support" should be checked, if using NAT for this DHCP server (this is not required)
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  • Again, if using NAT, confirm an IP Firewall Policy has been configured with the following rules and applied to the User Profile within the SSID that clients will be connecting to in order to obtain an IP address from this DHCP server.

  • If NAT is not in use, this step is not needed.
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  • Confirm the AP acting as the DHCP server has a static IP set and/or a reserved IP address within the DHCP server it obtained an IP address from.

    • Monitor
    • Click on the hostname of the AP
    • Go to Device Configuration on the left hand side menu (under the Configuration header)
    • Under the Management Interface section on this page, confirm the Static Address option has been chosen
  • After confirming that everything above has been configured and applied correctly, be sure there are no pending configuration updates. It is recommended to perform a complete configuration update when implementing a DHCP server to be hosted at AP level.

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