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Google Pixel Rebooting intermittently when connecting to wifi.

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TitleGoogle Pixel Rebooting intermittently when connecting to wifi.
Google Pixel reboots intermittently when connecting to wifi.
  • ExtremeWireless
  • ExtremeCloud Appliance
  • Versions 10.41.x, 10.51.x, 4.56.x, 4.76.x
  • Google Pixel
  • 802.11k
Interoperability with 11k.
Disable 11k on all WLAN services. Go to VNS->wlan->each wlan->click the advanced button under the Wlan Services tab->uncheck Radio Management ( 11k ) support. This needs to be done for all the WLAN services. It is recommended to do this during maintenance downtime, as users can be affected for a brief time, a few seconds,  missing a few pings or needed to reconnect depending on VNS type.

Additional notes
Please Note: This is not specific to Extreme Networks, this is a compatibility issue with the phone and you should contact Google to resolve the issue.



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