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Guest user file is not importing as a .csv file

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TitleGuest user file is not importing as a .csv file
When importing a user file to the Guest Portal management screen, it returns a failure saying "
There was an error during the import guest file upload:
            The import file must be plain text or CSV.
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Version 9.01 and newer
  • Guest portal configuration
Excel is flipping the date around in the cell.  The correct syntax should be yyyy-mm-dd (2014-12-11). 
Copy the CSV file and rename the extension to .txt and save.  Then import the text file or change the Excel cell to match the format yyyy-mm-dd 
Additional notes
To import the file properly, use the following steps:
Create "Test" user with the appropriate settings (time, days, etc)
Export file to workstation and open with Excel
Highlight column with Date/Time
Right Click column -> Format Cells -> Number -> Custom
Int the center "Type" window, enter: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm
You can now add all you new users and "cut & paste" common information (passwords, account info, etc.)
Save file with "<new name>.csv ".
Import file back to controller and remove "Test" client if necessary.
Highlight ALL files -> Click "Edit" -> Click "Enable" -> Click "OK" and test client accounts.



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