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Host connection to storage fails when jumbo frames are used.

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TitleHost connection to storage fails when jumbo frames are used.

Brocades interpretation of the MTU standard assumes the intent of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to mean the total Ethernet frame size which is the IP Datagram, or payload, and the extra bytes required for Ethernet Framing header and other overhead.

Host or storage are directly connected to the VDX and the MTU for the connected interface is configured to match.

using jumbo frames

Software Release: NOS all versions
Fixed in Version: N/A

Other implementations of jumbo frames may assume that the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the size of IP Datagram, or payload, and may not account for the required bytes of Ethernet framing and other overhead.


After increasing the MTU on the VDX to account for the extra framing being received from the storage, the problems observed between the host and the target storage were resolved.

A Best Practice recommendation is to configure the MTU for 100 bytes larger than the MTU configured on the end devices to allow for any Ethernet framing, or other overhead.

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