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How to clear the support data

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TitleHow to clear the support data
While logged into the console via a serial connection, you may see a "Core Files Warning" dialogue appear on the terminalevery hour.
Software Release: All NOS
Fixed in Version: N/A
This dialogue is to notify the user that a core system event occurred and support data was collected. You can see the details by running a "show support" command.

sw0# show support
Rbridge-id: 18
No core or FFDC data files found!

If this is the first time seeing the dialogue, collect a SupportSave and open a support ticket with TAC. If the log data is related to an already diagnosed issue, you can delete the log data and stop the dialogue form appearing by running the "clear support" command.

sw0# clear support
Rbridge-id: 18
Removing all core and FFDC files!
No core or FFDC data files found!

Note: This will delete the relevant error logs and a root cause analysis of the event will not be possible if these logs are cleared.
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