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How to collect logs of FastPath switch

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TitleHow to collect logs of FastPath switch


  • To collect the debug level logs on FastPath switches.
  • SR2200
  • SR2300
  1. Persistent logging is a system messages stored to local file.
    1. “logging persistent 7� will set the DEBUG level of persistent log.
(AH-Switch) (Config)#logging persistent 7
    1. “show logging persistent� can show the logging state and with logs
(AH-Switch) #show logging persistent
Persistent Logging  : enabled
Persistent Log Count  : 194
    1. Access to switch linux shell, there is slog#.txt (Startup log) and olog#.txt (operational log), can cat the log to view.
# cd /mnt/fastpath/
# ls -l
# cat slog0.txt
    1. To retrieve persistent logs to the tftp server
copy nvram:operational-log tftp://x.x.x.x/olog.txt
copy nvram:startup-log tftp://x.x.x.x/slog.txt
e.g. (AH-Switch) #copy nvram:operational-log tftp://
  1. If has console cable connecting all the time, can input below commands to enable the console logging and get buffered logging, both are debug level.(7=debug level)
logging buffered 7
logging console 7
  e.g. (AH-Switch) (Config)#logging buffered 7
(AH-Switch) (Config)#logging console 7
  1. The 3rd way is to install tftpd32/tftpd64 on 3rd PC to enable syslog server, then input below commands under CLI to update the logs to the syslog server.
logging buffered 7
logging host "x.x.x.x" ipv4 514 7
logging syslog
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