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How to create a MAC filter in HiveManager

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TitleHow to create a MAC filter in HiveManager
MAC-Based filters allow network admins to allow or block users based on the client device MAC address in use. Keep in mind, this is only recommended for a small list of MAC addresses. If the list of MAC addresses is long, it is strongly recommended you use a firewall or content filter for this function rather than the Aerohive devices.
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How to block certain known devices from connecting to the network even if they have the correct credentials.
How to block MAC addresses

Go to Configure> Open the network Policy> Open or create a new SSID> Expand Additional Settings> Customize Optional Settings

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Check the box next to "Enable MAC-Based Filters"> Add or select a MAC object to specify the device to be blocked> Set the Action to Deny> Add. 

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It is also possible to use the MAC filter to allow access to only certain MAC addresses and block all other devices. For this set up, set the Default action to Deny (directly under the check box to enable MAC-Based filters), then add the MAC addresses to be let on to the network to the MAC-Based filter list, and set their action to Permit.

Push this out as a complete configuration to the APs. This will require the APs to reboot. 

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