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How to enable 100G port on VDX 6940-144S

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TitleHow to enable 100G port on VDX 6940-144S
How to enable 100G port functionality on VDX 6940-144S.

Note: This feature is only available on NOS v7.0.0 (and later releases)
Software Release: NOS7.0.0
Fixed in Version: N/A
Configure 100 GbE operation on specific dual personality port groups using the port-group rbridge-id/slot/port-group-id and mode 100g commands. You can transition to 40 GbE operation for specific port groups using the port-group rbridge-id/slot/port-group-id and mode 40g commands.

Note: After configuring 100 GbE or 40 GbE operation for a port group, you must reboot the Brocade VDX 6940-144S to enable the new operation mode.

Before enabling 100 GbE mode for a port group, perform the following tasks:
Disable 4x10 GbE SFP breakout mode for all ports in that port group, if configured. Ports must be enabled for 40 GbE mode.
Disable all interfaces in the port group.
Install the appropriate 100 GbE QSFP28 transceiver in the dual-personality port cage for that port group (port 97, 98, 103, or 104).
Reserve the DPOD for the ports in the port group.

To configure a dual personality port for 100G operation:

1. Enter hardware configuration mode.
device# configure terminal
device(config)# hardware
2. Disable all ports in port group 1 using the shutdown command.
3. Enter the port group configuration mode for dual personality port group 1.
device(config-hardware)# port-group 1/0/1
4. Configure the port group for 100 GbE operation using the mode 100g command.
device(config-port-group-1/0/1)# mode 100g
5. In fabric cluster mode, copy the running configuration to the startup configuration.
device# copy running-config startup-config
6. Reboot the Brocade VDX 6940-144S to enable the new operating mode.
7. Execute the show running-config hardware port-group command to confirm the operating mode for the port group.
device# show running-config hardware port-group
port-group 1/0/1
mode 100g
8. Execute the show hardware port-group command to display the port numbers mapped to port groups and modes defined for each group.
device# show hardware port-group
Port-Group Ports Mode
237/0/1 237/0/97,99,101 100G
237/0/2 237/0/98,100,10240G
237/0/3 237/0/103,105,107 40G
237/0/4 237/0/104,106,108 40G
Additional notes
The VDX 6940-36Q does not support this feature.



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