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How to obtain wireless license upgrade key

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TitleHow to obtain wireless license upgrade key
Where can I obtain a version 9 or 10 Activation Key for use with controller firmware upgrade?
  • IdentiFI
  • Wireless controller firmware upgrade
  • Firmware version 9 and 10
  • License keys
  • Activation
  • Upgrade
The controller requires a new license for every major (e.g. v9, v10) code release.
To request a new V9 or V10 license key:

     1. Log into your Extreme Portal account:  (to create a new portal account, go here: )
     2. Under the Upgrade License section, click the Upgrade button
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  3.  From the Upgrade Type dropdown, select Extreme Wireless, then click Next

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     4.  Sect either HiPathV9 or HiPathV10 versions, your Locking-ID (Where do I find the IdentiFi Controller's MAC Address for my License), and your Contract number:

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     5.  Once completed, you should verification the request has been submitted for review by Order Management to validate the contract is valid for upgrade:
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     6. If this takes longer 24 hours, please see here: Wireless license key upgrade request has not been fulfilled
     7. Once request is approved, the user will be notified via email, and given an Entitlement ID for the requested upgrade license voucher.
              Additional notes
              Redeem the Entitlement ID then activate it to generate the License Key for the upgraded controller.
              How To Redeem and Activate an IdentiFi Wireless Controller License



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