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How to push a configuration update to a device in Classic

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TitleHow to push a configuration update to a device in Classic


  • Apply a network policy to a device
  • Push the configuration within that policy to the device.



  • Aerohive devices are controller-less, meaning they can broadcast SSIDs and pass client and management traffic without connecting to a HiveManager platform
  • Devices do need to connect to the HiveManager instance in order to receive configuration updates, but are not required to maintain a connection to HiveManager, to operate the configurations defined.
  • Configurations defined in HiveManager will not take immediate effect; they will only be in production after a configuration update is pushed out from the HiveManager, to be sent to the AP(s).


  • HiveManager Classic
  • Any HiveOS device
  • Any HiveOS firmware

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There are two options for deploying configuration to an Aerohive device. 

First Option

Go to Monitor> Check the box next to the device(s)> Modify

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Choose the network policy to be applied to this device from the drop down menu> Save

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There are two types of configuration updates; delta updates and configuration updates.

  • Delta Configuration Update: Used for smaller changes that do not require the AP to reboot to implement, does not require the AP to reboot.
  • Complete Configuration Update: Used for any/all changes, required for larger changes that affect the radio's operation or for updating a device in a factory default state.

To push a complete configuration update:

Check the box next to the device(s)> Update> Update Devices

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Check the box next to "Perform a complete update for all selected devices"> Update

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A reboot warning will appear, best practice recommendation is to choose the option for "Automatically reboot devices after the update completes" as this is needed before the new configuration can be applied to the device. 

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To push a delta configuration update:

Check the box next to the AP> Update> Advanced> Upload and Active configuration

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Confirm that the Upload type is "Delta Upload" (If it isn't, click on Settings and choose one of the delta configuration options)> Upload

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Once an update is pushed to the device(s), the update progress can be seen by going to Configuration> Devices (left hand side menu)> Device Update Results. 

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Second Option

Go to Configuration> Open the Network Policy> Go to step 3, "Configure and Update Devices"> Check the box next to the AP> Update

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