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How to uninstall HiveAgent

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TitleHow to uninstall HiveAgent

Uninstall HiveAgent software on supported switches

Reasons for use

Troubleshooting switch' ability to connect to HiveManager dashboard.
  • Hivemanager
  • SR22xx series switches
  • SR23xx series switches
  • Dell N series switches

Impact of this exercise

  • This will require a reboot of the switch.
    • In most situations this is best done during non-production hours.


Use the following commands to uninstall the HiveAgent software from the supported switch platforms noted above.

  • application stop hiveagent
    • Note: if you are issuing this particular command via an SSH session, your SSH session may close and you will have to re-establish that session
  • erase application ah_ha.conf
  • erase application ah_ha.conf_s
  • erase application hiveagent
  • erase application hiveagent_pr

Now we will have to reboot the switch using the following command

  • reload
    • There will be a yes/no prompt to verify the reloading of the switch.
    • If you have also entered any manual configuration commands and have not previously saved them with 'write memory' you will be prompted with a second yes/no prompt to save the configuration prior to the reload.
  • The HiveAgent software is now uninstalled.
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