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How to use filter IDs in Classic with A3

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TitleHow to use filter IDs in Classic with A3


  • A3 relies on FilterID as the RADIUS attribute used for User Profile assignment on the AP.

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Take a look at how HiveOS deals with Filter-ID on an HiveManager (formerly NG) AP:

user-profile-policy A3-Corp rule 1 group-name sales

Notice that the CLI does not mention Filter-ID, but a more generic construct of group. HiveOS using the HiveManager user profile assignment technique is mapping the Filter-ID to a local group of the same name, but doing it all discreetly.

HMC uses a very different set of CLI to manage user profile classification and assignment, however, and the mapping of Filter-ID to group has to be done explicitly.

Here is a sample SSID using L2/Hybrid mode:
User-added image
If HMC is being used with A3, it is necessary to create a local user group for each Filter-ID that A3 will pass. In the user group, define the User Profile Attribute number that matches the User Profile to which the Attribute should be mapped. No users are required in the local user group, the object just needs to exist in HMC with the right User Profile ID.
User-added image

Assign the default user profile as the registration network, which of course will use A3 as the gateway.
User-added image


For the authentication User Profiles, assign a User Profile for every attribute number that is being mapped via the user group.

User-added image

Then select Assign user profiles based on values returned in the following RADIUS attribute, then select Standard Attribute with Filter-ID.

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