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Hyper-V fails to pass VLAN tags on a bridge at controller service

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TitleHyper-V fails to pass VLAN tags on a bridge at controller service
  • Wireless users are not able to obtain a DHCP address
  • Directly connected router or switch is not able to ping the IP interface of the IdentiFi Controller
  • VLAN tags not being egressed through the Hyper-V cluster after a reboot of the controller
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Firmware 9.15.02
  • Hyper-V
  • V2110
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 
Hyper-V which comes with Windows Server 2012 R2 has an issue where it doesn't apply the VLAN trunk configuration for adapters when the VM client is rebooted or reset. 

Transfer the following files included in the hyper-v install image Example: V2110_Hyper-V_Edition 338.77 MB (11/25/2014) or OneDrive File Share
  1. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V\SCRIPTS\
  - Scheduled_Task-Run_When_VM_Reboots.ps1
  - Commands_Executed_on_a_VM_Warm-Cycle.xml
Note: Create the directory if it's missing.  The above files are available in the V2110 Hyper-V download from the Extreme  software Extranet - example:
      2. Run Administrative Tools/Task Scheduler
      3. Select Import Task under Action menu
      4. Select Commands_Executed_on_a_VM_Warm-Cycle.xml on the drive
Note: In case a different host directory is required from above, the file Commands_Executed_on_a_VM_Warm-Cycle.xml has to be edited to reflect that directory. 

Alternative method via Powershell:
  1. Change to the scripts directory 
    cd \Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V\SCRIPTS\
  2. Enter the following 
    PS C:\Users\public\Documents\Hyper-V\SCRIPTS> schtasks /Create /XML .\Commands_Executed_on_a_VM_Warm-Cycle.xml /TN Controller_VLAN_Fix
    SUCCESS: The scheduled task "Controller_VLAN_Fix" has successfully been created.
  3. Check the event is scheduled
    PS C:\Users\administrator.domain> schtasks
    Folder: \
    TaskName                                 Next Run Time          Status
    ======================================== ====================== ===============
    Controller_VLAN_Fix                      N/A                    Ready
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