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ICMP Redirects sent out on wrong VLAN

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TitleICMP Redirects sent out on wrong VLAN
More than one router in a VLAN, each with different reachable remote networks. The end-nodes on this VLAN/subnet will receive ICMP redirect messages to send routed IP packets directly to the router that advertises those remote destinations. In certain configurations it has been seen those ICMP redirects will be sent to hosts on other VLAN(s).
Redirects may also be seen going to edge switches causing routing confusion until the ICMP redirect packet is cleared from switch cache.
Product: S-series
Firmware: 8.3x
Issue in firmware
Upgrade to firmware version or higher
Additional notes
The firmware has been modified to check whether the destination IP (DIP) of the redirect is different from the original DIP when the original packet started to be processed. If true then the redirect will not be sent.



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