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IP FIrewall in Hivemanager (previosuly known as NG)

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TitleIP FIrewall in Hivemanager (previosuly known as NG)
  • Create IP firewalls in Hivemanager
  •  Hivemanager
  • Go to Configure>Enter Network Policy>Wireless Network>Select an SSID
  • Enter the user profile
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  • In the Security tab turn on Ip firewalls and click "add"
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  • You can choose an existing service/application service or you can create one
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  • Add the service of your choosing.
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  • You can choose and existing Ip address or subnet or create a new one as your source and destination.
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  • Chose the action and save the firewall rule.
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  • Continue these steps until you have created all of your necessary rules.
  • Please be aware that the rules are applied top to bottom so if you need to change the order you can do so with the arrows.
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  • We do recommend having the default action be permit if you have any explicit deny rules in your firewall.
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