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IPhones running IOS 9 unable to get into Captive Portal

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TitleIPhones running IOS 9 unable to get into Captive Portal
  • Unable to open Captive Portal page on IPhones running IOS 9
  • The IPhones give an error that they have lost the network connectivity, and then try to connect through the cellular signal
  • NAC
  • ExtremeWireless appliances (formerly Identifi). 
  • IOS 9
  • WIFI Assist is enabled on the Apple Device
  • The Client Autologin may not be set on the ExtremeWireless appliance.
  • Disable WIFI Assist
    • Settings => Cellular => (scroll down to the very bottom)
  • Verify the Autologin Feature for iPhone Captive Portal is enabled on the ExtremeWireless appliance:
  1. Log into the ExtremeWireless appliances web GUI.
  2. Navigate to the VNS tab from the top task bar.
  3. On the left column, select 'Global', then 'Client Autologin'.
  4. Select the setting 'Redirect Detection Messages to the Captive Portal'.
  5. Save the configuration.
Additional notes
  • WIFI Assist is supposed to seamlessly switch between cellular and WIFI if the WIFI signal is not strong (enabled by default in IOS 9).



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