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IdentiFi Access Point No Longer Boots or Is Stuck In A Boot Loop

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TitleIdentiFi Access Point No Longer Boots or Is Stuck In A Boot Loop
Access Point no longer boots or is stuck in a boot loop. AP does not boot.
  • IdentiFi 
  • All Access Points
  • All Firmware Versions
  • Try resetting the the AP to factory settings - How to reset an IdentiFi access point back to factory defaults
  • Try a spare access point in place of this failing one (rules out cabling, policy on port, etc)
  • Verify the discovery method such as DNS or DHCP Option 78 is configured correctly or not being blocked, the AP reboots every 300 seconds if cannot find the controller
  • Try releasing the AP from the controller, then re-approving it.
  • If the above did not fix the issue please Submit RMA on the Support Portal
Additional notes
How To Configure an AP to Find the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
If you are unfamiliar with the Extreme Networks RMA process, please refer to the following article: Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ



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