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IdentiFi Access Points reboot due to Poll Timeout

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TitleIdentiFi Access Points reboot due to Poll Timeout
  • APs are rebooting without any obvious crash symptoms
  • Access Points resetting due to poll timeouts
  • AP's with low uptimes
  • All access points
  • Firmware all
  • IdentiFi
Something in the data path between the ap and controller is causing the disruption. 
Additional notes
In the access point trace bundle( How to Collect Access Point Logging Information (Trace Bundle).) you should see a file called ap-report.txt.x.gz. If you open that file you will see messages that say:
======== Access Point Problem Report =======
AP reboot due to poll-timeout
There is also a message that will let you know the path failure: 
Testing link to HWC:, ...not reachable.
Testing link to Gateway:, ...not reachable.
Testing link to LoopBack:, ...reachable.
This info may help direct you to the failure spot. 




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