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IdentiFi Controllers fail a firmware upgrade

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TitleIdentiFi Controllers fail a firmware upgrade
  • Controller will not upgrade firmware
  • Controller error messages during the upgrade:

Access Controller Software
Application Upgrade / Downgrade

Please wait...
CLI Export start: Wed Mar 18 15:03:56 2015
error in crontab
CLI Export end: Wed Mar 18 15:04:00 2015
Creating C4110.18032015.150355...
Failed to create backup/export file. Command exited with status of 32512, sudo: unable to execute /usr/bin/minizip: Argument list too long
  • IdentiFi Controllers
  • Firmware 7.41.x, 8.0.x, 8.11.x, 8.21.x, 8.32.x
The CLI is recopying everything to the temporary directory under /tmp. This temporary partition is 128MB. CDR data can grow up to 1.275GB.
Clear all the CDR client report records on the controller to correct this problem.
Found in C4110:/var/controller/log/cdr#
This issue was resolved in 8.32.04 or higher. 
Additional notes
Reported in instance of upgrades in 10.51.x on C35 controllers -- upgrade completed after multiple attempts.



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