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ExtremeWireless to ExtremeCloud Appliance Migration

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TitleExtremeWireless to ExtremeCloud Appliance Migration
Extreme Access Points 39xx series need to be migrated to Extreme Cloud Appliance (XCA)

 Version 0.1 (pre-UI).

  • Extreme Wireless Controller 10.41 and higher
  • Extreme Cloud Appliance 4.36 and higher
  • Extreme Cloud Appliance is able to reach Internet

Back up Extreme Wireless Controller (IdentiFi)

Login to Extreme Wireless Controller with admin privileges. Navigate to Controller -->Software Maintenance -->Backup . Initiate the configuration backup by pressing Backup Now. Copy the backup file to your FTP or SCP servers , or to Flash. 
User-added image

Creating Container template

Login to Extreme Cloud Appliance with administrative privileges. Navigate to Administration -->Application , click Add button to add a new container. Configure container as per below description :
  • Name : migration
  • Image: extremecanada/migration
  • Port mapping*: tcp , 50022 --> 22 
Note: Port mapping will not be needed with the next version of Migration container

User-added image
User-added image

Installing and Running Container

Click on "+" button , select "REGISTRY" and click OK

User-added image
Installation will take some time: the migration container is quite large in its size so it depends on your Internet connection speed how fast it will be downloaded and installed.
After installation complete, please start the container

User-added image 

Running the migration (steps will change with the next container version) 

Due to current version of Migration container foes not have User Interface , all steps would need to be done manually.

1. copy the IdentiFi Wireless controller backup file using SCP to the container. You can use your favourite SCP program such as WinSCP, FileZilla or Putty SCP. 
  • Username: root
  • Password: the same as your admin XCA account
  • Port: 50022
  • Directory: /code-directory/
Here is an example of copying backup file to container  


$ scp -P 50022  root@

root@'s password:  

2. Ssh to the container with the same credentials and port 
  • Username: root
  • Password: the same as your admin XCA account
  • Port: 50022
Change directory to "/code-directory" by typing "cd /code-directory"
Run the migration by issuing the command ./ as per example below. Change the name of the backup file , username and password accordingly. The "rf" option is optional.

./ --action rf --file --user admin --pass abc123

You can also type ./ --help to see more options. 

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