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Incremental refresh for policies with IPv6 rules

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TitleIncremental refresh for policies with IPv6 rules
  • Running EXOS and below, when an ACL with IPv6 rule is refreshed, warning message is displayed:
* X480-48x.14 # refresh policy Switch-ACL
Incremental refresh is not possible for policies with IPV6 rules.
Note, the current setting for Access-list Refresh Blackhole is Enabled.       
Would you like to perform a full refresh? [No]? (y/N) Yes
  • Running EXOS and above, the warning message about the incremental refresh is not displayed anymore.
X480-48x.10 # refresh policy DoE-ACL
   >>> additional info is removed about incremental refresh for IPv6 rules <<<<
  • Black Diamond and Summit
  • EXOS patch1-3 and below
  • Incremental refresh for IPv6 rules was restricted in older platforms due to limitation and side effects.
  • there is no issue with newer platforms, hence, the restriction has been cleared in EXOS.
Smart refresh for IPv6 policies is included in EXOS  via CR# xos0073002.
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