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Installing S-Series Option Module Causes The I/O or Fabric Module to no Longer Boot

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TitleInstalling S-Series Option Module Causes The I/O or Fabric Module to no Longer Boot
Installing S-Series Option Module causes the I/O or Fabric Module to no longer boot
  • S-Series
  • All Firmware Versions
It could be that the Option Module is simply not fully seated when installed on the S-Series' motherboard or it could be defective hardware (either the Option Module itself or the option slot of the main board). 
  1. Make sure the Option Module is compatible with the class of base module you are about to install. For additional information please refer to the article Understanding S-Series Option Modules and Compatibility.
  2. Make sure the Option Module is fully seated when installed into the I/O or fabric module. (If confirmed that the option module has been properly installed and problem still persists, please proceed to the next step)
  3. Connect a terminal emultator to the local console port of the target I/O Module or Fabric Module.
  4. Configure your terminal emulator to save the output information that will be printed through the terminal window.
  5. Save the output file and contact the GTAC to open a service case. Please refer to the article How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC).
  6. The output messages generated by the main board and collected via COM port will help the GTAC engineer identifying the defective equipment. 
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