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Inventory Manager Firmware Transfer to Summit Fails

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TitleInventory Manager Firmware Transfer to Summit Fails
Inventory Manager firmware transfer to Summit fails.
  • Inventory Manager
  • EXOS Version
Selection of EXOS firmware from incorrect NetSight firmware repository
Select only images which reside in the /tftpboot/firmware/images directory
Additional notes
Upon launch of Inventory Manager Firmware Upgrade Wizard, you are first presented a "Device Selection" screen, and then a "Firmware Selection" screen.  The firmware selection is a list all applicable images, from both the SCP and TFTP directories.  The full path of the individual firmware files (either /root/firmware/images or /tftpboot/firmware/images) can be seen in the Image Path column of this list.  However, there is nothing which prevents one from selecting an image stored in the default SCP directory for a TFTP transfer.  Doing so when the device to be upgraded uses a TFTP Script (which is the correct setting for EXOS Switches) causes "root/firmware/images/" to be prepended onto the image name to be transferred, and passed to the TFTP script (causing the script to be unable to locate the file and fail). 



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