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Inventory Manager archives fail after migration to virtual appliance

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TitleInventory Manager archives fail after migration to virtual appliance
No Inventory Manager archives work after NetSight server is migrated to new system.
  • NetSight
  • Inventory Manager
  • NetSight server was migrated to new system and backup restored
The NetSight server was moved from Windows to Linux.  The Data Storage Directory path is pointing to the path on the original server
You can check/change this from Inventory Manager by selecting Tools > Options > Inventory Manager > Data Storage Directory Path.  The path should be the following:


There is no need to restart the server after this change is made.
Additional notes
Please note that depending on the version of NetSight and how NetSight was upgrade this path could be several different directories by default.

If using NetSight 5.1 or upgrading from NetSight 5.1 to 6.x:

If NetSight 6.1 is installed on the new system:

Check to make sure under Tools/Options/Netsight Services that the tftp directory is set properly



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