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Inventory Manager fails to upgrade EWC firmware

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TitleInventory Manager fails to upgrade EWC firmware
  • Inventory Manager fails to upgrade firmware
  • Inventory Manger fails to push local firmware to SCP directory (/root/firmware/images)
  • NetSight
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Identifi Wireless
  • Linux platform
NetSight was installed with a different user other than "root" and now does not have correct permissions to access directories
The following configurations will need to occur: 

Change the SCP transfer settings: 
  1. Remove all current Wireless Controller firmware from Inventory Manger through the firmware archive
  2. In Inventory Manager click  Tools --> Options --> SCP Transfer settings
  3. Change  the "Root Directory Path" to: 
    Change the "Firmware Directory Path" to:
  4. Re-push the firmware through Inventory Manger using the Tools --> "Push Local Firmware to Server" feature, and make sure the "SCP" Radial is chosen
Change the SCP login information:
  1. In Inventory Manger click tools --> Options --> SCP Transfer settings 
  2. Configure the "login Information" to be the user that NetSight was installed with, with the password that is configured for that user.
To find the user that installed the NetSight application: 
  1. SSH to the NetSight appliance
  2. Type the following command:
    cat /var/Extreme_Networks/.netsight
    The user configured under: "NETSIGHT_DEFAULT_USER=<user>" is the user that installed NetSight
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