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Inventory Manager unable to backup XOS switch

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TitleInventory Manager unable to backup XOS switch
  • Unable to back up XOS switch
  • Error: 
    File Not Found/Missing
  • If SSH/Telnet debug is enabled, then lack of a done in the CLI output would indicate this issue.
  • NetSight
  • Inventory Manager
  • Extreme Management Center​
Examination of telnet/ssh debug shows that the script is not waiting long enough for commands on the switch to complete
1. Open Inventory Manager.
2. Highlight the switch and then change to the Image Information tab on the right.
3. Select the original ExtremeXOS TFTP script from the MIBs and Script Overrides section.
4. Click the View button.
5. Copy the script and paste it into a new text file.
6. Change the name and description at the top of the script.
7. Scroll down to the -----BEGIN SCRIPT "Configuration Upload"----- section of the script.
8. Change the three occurrences of @receive 5 to @receive 15 (or higher if needed).
9. Save the changes to the new script.
10. Transfer the new script via SCP to the NetSight Server <NetSight_Install_path>/appdata/InventoryMgr/properties/devicefiles directory
  • Linux default NetSight _Install_path = /usr/local/Extreme_Networks
  • Windows default NetSight_Install_path =  c:\Program Files\Extreme Networks

11. Restart the NetSight Inventory Manager Client.
12. Select this new script for the Configuration MIB section of the MIB and Script Overrides.
13. Click the Save button in the upper right.
Additional notes
From Extreme Management Center 8.0 Inventory manager is depreciated hence the first 4 steps can be done from Oneview as below
Right click on the intended switch > Configuration/Firmware > Set configuration
Set Configuration



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