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Issues with clients staying connected to an Access Point that has bad signal (Sticky Clients)

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TitleIssues with clients staying connected to an Access Point that has bad signal (Sticky Clients)
Sticky clients
  • Do not probe on other channels
  • Probe infrequently
  • Remain associated to an AP even though better APs are available
  • Transmit on low PHY rate consuming more air
  • IdentiFi
  • Sticky Clients
  • Probe Suppression
  • Minimum Basic Rate
  • Firmware 9.21.01
Clients still have good signal strength to far away AP so do not disassociate
In firmware 9.21 Extreme added a feature called Probe Suppression.

Probe Suppression
  • RSS threshold (Adjustable “Cell Size”)
  • Reduce the number of Probe Response.
  • Prevent clients with RSS below the threshold from associating 
  • Configured per radio (Enable/Disable and Threshold)
Forced Disassociate
  • Disassociate “Sticky Clients” 
  • Occurs 5dBm below the suppression threshold.
  • Prevent them from re-associating to the AP. 
  • Encourage/Force roam to better AP.
  • Configured per radio (Enable/Disable)
Example configuration:
  1.  Click AP tab > Click AP in question
  2.  Click Radio-1 or Radio-2 > Click Advanced button 
  3.  Enable options "Probe Suppression" and Force Disassociate" 
  4.  Set RSS Threshold to -65 (Client will be disassociated 5dBm below this, so at -70dBm he will get disassociated and try to connect to closer AP).
  5.  Click Close then Save

Note: Can complement Minimum Basic Rate in effectively controlling size of service cell, higher Minimum Basic Rates will cause the client to roam out faster if it can not achieve the rate set or higher.
Additional notes
Supported only on AP37xx, AP38xx, and AP39xx models.
See Also: why do my wireless clients not roam properly?



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