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Jumbo frame support is disabled in configuration but still enabled on port.

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TitleJumbo frame support is disabled in configuration but still enabled on port.
If the sequence of steps as mentioned below is executed then in "show configuration vlan" we can see that jumbo frame is disabled on the slave load sharing ports .
If "show ports <> info detail" is executed during issue state we can see inconsistencies as jumbo frame seems to be enabled on the slave ports.
The issue occurs only when jumbo frame is initially enabled on a port which then becomes a master port of a load-sharing group followed by enabling jumbo frames on all ports.
* X670V-48x.26 # enable jumbo-frame ports 1
* X670V-48x.27 # ena sharing 1 grouping 1,2
Warning: Any config on the master port is lost (IGMP Filter, IGMP Static Group, MAC-Security, CFM, TRILL etc.)
* X670V-48x.28 # ena jumbo-frame ports all
* X670V-48x.29 # conf sharing 1 delete ports 2
* X670V-48x.30 # show configuration | i jumbo
enable jumbo-frame ports all
disable jumbo-frame ports 2
* X670V-48x.31 # show ports 2 information detail | i Jumbo
        Jumbo:  Enabled, MTU= 9216
* X670V-48x.32 #
  • EXOS 16.x, 21.x, 22.x
  • All EXOS platforms
  • Jumbo frames support
The root cause is xos0070786.
Upgrade to EXOS image where mentioned CR is implemented.
How do I search release notes for known issues?

As a workaround you can specifically disable and enable jumbo frames support on affected port.
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