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K-Series: KT2006-0224 line card not delivering PoE to newly connected ports

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TitleK-Series: KT2006-0224 line card not delivering PoE to newly connected ports
  • Group of ports on one line card do not supply PoE to newly powered device 
  • There may be exisiting ports on the same line card already providing PoE successfully
  • "Show inlinepower" output looks ok and power is available
  • "show port inlinepower" output shows the port in the default state of searching when PoE device is connected
  • same powered device works when moved to another line card
  • There are no PoE related errors in the sylogs / faultlogs
  • K-Series
  • PoE
  • Experienced on Firmware 8.42.04
  • May apply to other firmware (under investigation )
Under Investigation
  1. Check "show port status" to make sure the port is admin enabled
  2. Check "show inlinepower" to make sure that there is ample power available for new connections 
  3. Check "show port inlinepower" to see that port is correctly configured but with this issue it just shows as searching
  4. Rule out patching/infrastrucutre cabling issues by trying to connect directly onto the line card port 
  5. move the powered device to another line card and confirm that it works when plugged elsewhere
  6. Check syslog / faultlogs for any PoE errors. If there are no errors you may have this issue

If all the above has been confirmed and the port or group of ports does not provide PoE on the one linecard then please contact GTAC for debug instructions and further information 

How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)

Please supply output of the above commands and a show support 

How to Collect "Show Support" file from an 7100-Series,N-Series,S-Series,K-Series switch
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