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LACP/MLAG between XOS and Multi vendor Networks not working properly

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TitleLACP/MLAG between XOS and Multi vendor Networks not working properly
Frequent link flapping on 1G ports for EXOS device which is connected to third party device.
MLAG peering is being removed and added again to the aggregation group. The frequent removing and adding results in packet loss.
All EXOS Platforms
When both x460s in the MLAG are using same port and establishing MLAG peering with a Third party device, then same Actor Port and Actor key can be seen from each end. 

The multivendor network device believes both ports do not belong to the same Partner and is removing the member ports when it receives a PDU from the other Extreme switch. This is why we see toggling of the add/remove when both ports are connected, but the toggling stops when only 1 side is connected.

This would be resolved by moving the port on one of the x460 to a port other than the one used in the second X460.

  1. Move the GBIC from port 49 to 51 on X460_1(If already port 49 also used in other X460 for MLAG peering with the multi vendor Networks).
  2. Reconfigure the MLAG to work on port 51 (For firstX460) and port 49 (For secondX460) with MLAG ID 49
NOTE: It will work without getting a messages like:  remove port XX from aggregator" and "add port XX from aggregator
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