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LACP flaps if mirroring configuration is changed

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TitleLACP flaps if mirroring configuration is changed
  • If I disable remote mirror (which contains a few VLANs in source filter) and after that enable default mirror instance with source filter which contains one or more of the VLANs configured in the remote mirror instance, I get LACP flap despite the fact that remote mirror instance is disabled
For Example:
  1. Both Vlans Test and Guest contain ports 10:1 and 10:6, which are members of a LACP LAG with port 10:1 being the master port.
* BD-8810.12 # show sharing
Load Sharing Monitor
Config    Current    Agg       Ld Share    Ld Share  Agg   Link    Link Up
Master    Master     Control   Algorithm   Group     Mbr   State   Transitions
  10:1   10:1        LACP      L3_L4       10:1       Y      A        2
                               L3_L4       10:6       Y      A        2
  10:2               LACP      L2          10:2       -      R        0

    2.Both Vlans are part of different Mirroring instances:
* BD-8810.13 # show mirror
DefaultMirror   (Enabled)
    Description:    Default Mirror Instance, created automatically
    Mirror to port: 10:8
    Source filter instances used :  1
        All ports, vlan Guest, ingress only
RemoteMirror   (Enabled)
    Mirror to ports: 10:1, 10:3   loopback port: 10:4
    Remote tag    : 3778
    Source filter instances used :  1
        All ports, vlan Test, ingress only
    3.Now if I disable “Remote Mirror” instance and then add Vlan Test to “Default Mirror” instance, it causes the LACP flap.
* BD-8810.14 # disable mirror "RemoteMirror"
02/20/2017 16:12:23.56 <Info:vlan.msgs.portLinkStateDown> MSM-A: Port 10:4 link down - Local fault
* BD-8810.15 # configure mirror "DefaultMirror" add vlan "Test"
* BD-8810.17 # 02/20/2017 16:13:32.85 <Info:LACP.RemPortFromAggr> MSM-A: Remove port 10:1 from aggregator
02/20/2017 16:13:33.21 <Info:LACP.RemPortFromAggr> MSM-A: Remove port 10:6 from aggregator
* BD-8810.18 # 02/20/2017 16:14:05.14 <Info:LACP.AddPortToAggr> MSM-A: Add port 10:1 to aggregator
02/20/2017 16:14:05.14 <Info:LACP.AddPortToAggr> MSM-A: Add port 10:6 to aggregator
    4.Furthermore, if we remove the VLAN “Test” from RemoteMirror instance first and then add it back to DefaultMirror instance, it doesn’t cause an LACP flap.

  • BD8K
  • EXOS
  • Mirroring
  • LACP
  • This is a bug, which addressed in CR xos0067161
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